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Dental Services

Scaling and polishing

Regular scaling and polishing done twice a year, is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Dental Filings

Dental Filling

Restorative dental treatment is done to restore the function, integrity and shape of damaged tooth structures, due to tooth decay or fractures.

Orthodontics Braces

Orthodontics (Braces)

Orthodontic treatment aims to improve facial aesthetics, occlusion and to correct misaligned teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Extractions are performed for a number of reasons, including broken, fractured teeth, cracked teeth, advanced gum disease, or extensive tooth decay.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom teeth that are unable to erupt properly or growing at a wrong angle/position may need to be surgically removed if they are causing problems such as pain, infection or damage to adjacent teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant

Dental implants consist of titanium screw anchored into the jaw bone to help replace missing teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment allows the badly decayed or infected tooth to be saved for function, which would otherwise have to be extracted.

Crowns and Bridges

Crown and Bridge

Crowns and bridges are fixed indirect restorations cemented onto teeth for protection of the underlying tooth structure or to replace missing teeth.



A denture is a removable appliance used to replace missing teeth for proper function and aesthetics.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is done to improve the colour and shade of natural teeth by removing the stains and discolourations from enamel and dentine.


A nightguard is a custom fabricated appliance worn over the teeth to protect from wear due to bruxism (grinding).

Child Friendly Dentistry

Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. We strive to make every dental visit a pleasant and comfortable one for every child.

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